Tips To Save $$$ And Time

Here are some tips and tricks to save you money and time on your next landscaping or junk removal project!

Ease of Removal

 One of the costliest parts of junk removal is the time it takes to gather all the trash and remove it from the property. Anything you can do to consolidate your junk or yard waste into an easy to access pile on your property will save us time, which will save you money!

The easiest places for us are in a garage that we can back up to, or in your driveway near the curb. Anything you can do to condense your junk will help!

Hauling Deliveries

For a swift clean up, we recommend laying tarps down in areas where we will be dropping off materials. This keeps messier items such as mulch and dirt from sticking to your lawn or driveway.

Taking Photos

We try and give every customer as accurate an estimate as possible for a job prior to our arrival. We can only work with the information you give us, so please take as many high quality photos as possible of the areas you'd like work done.

Final prices can only be determined after the job is completed, but we'll do our best to stay within the estimate we gave you.

Keep Your Place Clean

 Junk removal and landscaping aren't necessarily the cleanest process, so we ask that you notify us of any areas of your home or property that you'd like us to avoid or keep foot traffic light in.